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February 25, 2011


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Art is for sharing, this is how artist live, you don't have no satisfaction if you keep it for yourself, then who is gonna praise you or criticize you. Of course there is a part that many artist afraid of, people who try to steal others ideas and work, this is a risk that every artist should assume.

michelle renee bernard

Thank you for your refreshing take on this very touchy subject! Imagine if we all "hid" our amazing work because we didn't want anyone to steal it. What a sad place this would be!

Debra M

Julie - I completely agree with you. We are exposed to so much visually not to be influenced by what we see is nearly impossible

a bird out of water

This is so refreshing to hear! I completely agree with you that we all draw inspiration from each other, and that is something to be celebrated! Thanks for speaking your mind, that takes guts!


Perfectly said my sweet friend...we are all influenced by so any things, and of course by the artists we being one!!!

Florance Simpson

Hi Julie,
I couldn't agree more with you...inevitably every time I think I have come up with a brilliant idea for a new piece of art (painting, drawing, doesn't seem to matter) I will see something almost just like it or at the the very least similar to it online, in a shop, in a book, on a person the next day LOL...this has been happening my entire artistic life...if I allowed the 'fear' or someone thinking I was copying them stop me from making my art I'd never have lifted a pen, pencil, paint brush, sewing needle etc...
It also happens in the opposite direction as well...the likeness of things I've created years ago appear around me just as often...I think the universe (or what have you)sends out inspiration to thousands of those receptive to it's calling in hopes that a few will answer it's call and that is why there are so many similar styles and creations;-)

Peggy Alborn

I completely agree. I'm a full-time teacher, and it amazes me that any of us think that anything we come up with is completely original! Teachers, like artists (which I also consider myself), mix and match, rearrange, tweak, stretch, shrink, and sprinkle to make something "new"! :)


It takes courage to speak your mind, especially you don't agree with popular opinion! Right on, sister!

Steph Jordan

Back at you Artsy sister. I've said the things you said in that post so many times. I'm glad to know it's not just me! LOL

Julie Bergmann

I knew I loved you Steph!

Steph Jordan

All I have to say is AMEN!! :-)

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