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jodi ohl

Love all the prints especially the two I already own :))) In addition, I love the Umbrella piece. They are all magical! xoxo

 Julie Geiger

It was very hard to decide but I adore this print here.. Red Umrella by Julie Bergmann 8"x8" Through the Viewfinder (TtV) Photographic Print

Love the concept of waiting for the rain when u see only the clouds. This would be my pick.

Best of luck to u with ur new opening, I will spread the word!

Julie Geiger

Beth Trevino

Pick one favorite a hard task to accomplish. I have settled on Blue Sky's, I think because it is peaceful while being bold. I love the turquoise sky and the shadows in the clouds. Perhaps, growing up in the desert and rarely seeing clouds was also an influence.


It's hard to pick just one...stripes and keys stand out!

Tamara Comerford

It's so difficult to pick because they all have such great stories...but I think Stripes captures my heart the most because it is whimsical. :)

Betsy Lewis

Red umbrella for me. It's very up lifting!

Carrie Campbell Clayden

I love everything you do cause you are magic

a bird out of water

It's a toss up between Stripes and Blue Skies, but I think Stripes is my favorite for it's whimsical feel and great light, and I love the "Through the Looking Glass" reference!

Shannon Maura Terry-Kollars

Extremely hard to pick a fave-but I am absolutely in love with Stripes <3! Just so soft and whimsical.....<3 Childhood fantasy come true.....<3

Shannon MTK

Mostly Crafty

How pretty! I love the keys one - I'm collecting old keys and coat hooks for my room.


Stripes is my favorite<3


Really hard to choose one but I love Sunburst!


Love the stripes... the keys... the carousal... The "Umrella" Hee hee shucks I love them all! :) xxooxx~Vanessa

Carrie Todd

stripes stripes stripes!! My favorite!!

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